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Canada Chiropractic X-Ray Equipment

Below you will find the featured x-ray processors that we offer. We also offer used and refurbished systems so please contact us for the latest systems in stock as used systems are sold frequently and new inventory arrives all the time. We also offer the CMP200 and CMP200DR x-ray generators which are manufactured by CPI. Don't forget that we also offer x-ray film, chemistry and accessories at competitive prices.


Contact us today for more information and pricing: +1 (604) 446-9099


All parameters of the ECOMAX™ x-ray film processor influencing image quality are factory set to optimal values. This makes the operation easier and reduces operator error. Just plug in the new processor and fill it with chemicals and the ECOMAX™ is ready for operation. So Ingeniously Simple. The ECO in ECOMAX™ is not a coincidence. The small re-shaped developer and fixer tanks reduce oxidation of large quantities of chemicals. This helps to save money and is good for the environment. In addition the replenishment rate is automatically adjusted to the actual processed film quantity in an optimal way. When no film is being processed the ECOMAX™ will be resting in stand-by mode.




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