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Canada Veterinary X-Ray Equipment

Below you will find some of the Digital and conventional x-ray systems that we offer Veterinarians. We also offer used and refurbished systems so please contact us for the latest systems in stock as used systems are sold frequently and new inventory arrives all the time. We also offer the CMP200 and CMP200DR x-ray generators which are manufactured by CPI CANADA. Don't forget that we also offer x-ray film, chemistry and accessories at competitive prices.


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This veterinary system features a 32KW High Frequency Radiographic X-Ray Generator with Anatomical programming cm measurement, Auto tube calibration, 40 - 125kV in 1 kVp increments, 10 - 400 mA, .001-6.3 sec. Timing. Display of kVp, mA, Time, mAs and cm.Automatic line compensation, Tube protection with heat unit calculator.

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Canon offers a wide variety of portable flat panel detectors.  All digital detectors are lightweight, robust and offers true portability and flexibility. Additionally, Canon's proprietary control software, which supports enhanced image-processing performance, contributes to increased diagnostic accuracy by making possible X-ray images optimized for the area being examined. Images can be transmitted almost immediately over networks to other workstations and printers, and can be archived for fast and easy data sharing.


Designed for small animal veterinarians, GTR’s innovative new Compact Vet System allows for maximum imagining coverage when only a limited installation space is available. GTR® offers the latest in complete radiographic x-ray systems for veterinary applications. Utilizing the GTR® INTELLIGEN® High Frequency X-ray Generator with the VET APR Console, the COMPACT VET SYSTEM allows the maximum flexibility both for your budget and your application.

GTR Compact Vet



We offer a variety of Poskom veteruanry systems. One of the more popular systems is the PXP-40HF. It is the most compact, Ultra-light, and powerful portable x-ray unit in this portable category. It is designed especially for the veterinary field practitioners as well as the indoor use in medical clinic and hospital. For the highest in image quality that is both cost effective and easy to use, PXP-40 HF features KVP range of 40-100 KVP, variable mA of 16mA to 35mA and its weight is under 27 lbs, ultra-light weight.

PXP-40HF      PXP-20HF   



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