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Below you will find some of the Digital DR systems that we offer. We also offer used and refurbished systems so please contact us for the latest systems in stock as used systems are sold frequently and new inventory arrives all the time.  


Toshiba Flat Panel DR SYSTEMS :

Toshiba is one of the leading suppliers of medical diagnostic imaging equipment worldwide. Unlike some CCD systems the Toshiba flat panel DR provides an excellent image quality with a low x-ray dosage and the cost is in the price range of the CCD systems.
FlatMaxx 1500L DR Panel :

This DR panel CD sensors which offers high productivity with great versatility. Most DR systems on the market use flat panel “amorphous silicon”. Gateway DR uses proprietary technology for high density arrays, which provides high quality digital images at an affordable cost. Direct Digital X-Ray at a cost-effective price!

Canon offers a wide variety of portable flat panel detectors.  All digital detectors are lightweight, robust and offers true portability and flexibility. Additionally, Canon's proprietary control software, which supports enhanced image-processing performance, contributes to increased diagnostic accuracy by making possible X-ray images optimized for the area being examined. Images can be transmitted almost immediately over networks to other workstations and printers, and can be archived for fast and easy data sharing.

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