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FMS X-Ray has been specializing in medical diagnostic and imaging equipment since 1980:


- Analog & Digital X-Ray Systems

-Digital Converion Package

-NUCCA Digital X-Ray & Software

-X-Ray Accessories & Consumables

-Cloud Storage Service

-Radiation Safety Survey & Certificate RPS

-Installation, Calibration & Repaiir Services

-Preventative Maintenance Plans


FMS X-Ray has been serving BC healthcare professionals for over three decades and has built a reputation for reliability and excellence in this complex and exacting field among Regional and District Hospitals, doctor's offices, chiropractors, dentists as well as veterinarian clinics / hospitals. Service contracts are provided with and without an associated equipment sale.



Fred Fischer has dedicated over thirty years to sales, servicing, reconditioning, installing and calibrating medical diagnostic imaging equipment.

FMS X-Ray has built a reputation for reliability and excellence in this complex and exacting field. From the onset, Mr. Fischer pioneered the concept of a highly focused, micro-corporation offering to the medical profession viable alternatives to the high cost of equipment purchases and service contracts in the specialized fields of medical diagnostic imaging equipment. At that time, virtually all contracts were handled by large firms such as Siemens, General Electric, Philips, and Picker. Such corporations, with their large infrastructures and overhead, had a significant negative impact on the scant financial resources available for the propagation of quality medical and diagnostic products and services. FMS X-Ray’s vision was to provide cost-effective alternative solutions.

Mr. Fischer broke this de facto monopoly by challenging the parts supply policies of the larger manufacturing firms, and by painstakingly establishing himself and his organization as a technically and operationally competent service organization.

In addition to challenging the status quo in the industry, FMS X-Ray has diversified its client base among hospitals, doctors, veterinarians, dentists, physiotherapists and chiropractors, and has established a well deserved high reputation in both service and sales. Service contracts, which are provided both with and without an associated equipment sale, form a significant portion of Excel’s business.




FMS X-Ray's scope of business is comprised of the following:

• Provision of equipment service contracts, repair and calibration services, and the sale of consumables, both for equipment sold by Excel and third party equipment to various facilities. FMS X-Ray provides 24 hour service and 98% up-time guarantees, as required by customers. The consumables line includes film and chemistry products, paper products and disposable plastic items.

• Sale of “large ticket” capital equipment in the realm of X-ray, CT whole body scanners and MRI units.


• Sales of smaller diagnostic equipment such as ECG and Ultrasound units, and other product lines such as supplies, spare parts and accessories.


• Refurbishment and sale of used equipment, both in the high capitalization product lines and in the lower level equipment.


• FMS X-Ray is the exclusive distributor and qualified service agency for a number of lines of new medical/diagnostic equipment and accessories, and is a non-exclusive distributor and service agency for other lines.


• Consulting services primarily concerning with the sourcing, installation and maintenance of medical diagnostic equipment in clinics and hospitals.




FMS X-Rays maintains an employee roster of sales, marketing and technical service personnel, as well as a network of associates, headed by Fred J. Fischer, founder and President.

Under the leadership of Fred Fischer, the organization has developed and matured as a respected third party medical equipment supplier and dependable provider of equipment and facilities service contracts.


 Mr. Fischer’s entire career of almost 48 years has been in the medical equipment field. He first joined the General Electric Company in 1963, in Edmonton, training as a service technician. After 6 years of service, he was offered a sales position in the X-ray division and in 1975 became the Assistant Service Manager for X-ray products for the Western Division, in Vancouver. In 1979, he was responsible for the introduction of “talking” X-ray equipment, the first of which was installed in the Chilliwack General Hospital, British Columbia.


Following 17 years of service with G.E. working in various locations throughout Canada, Mr. Fischer opted to create his own company in order to implement the vision he had of delivering cost-effective quality service to the profession.


 In early 1980, recognizing the opportunity for smaller, more versatile, and more customer focused firms, Mr. Fischer left the General Electric Corporation and started his own organization, which has now matured into Excel Professional Services.




As part of its service contracts, EPS guarantees a given “up time” for the equipment (typically 98%) and typically provides all required parts and supplies such as:

• Consumables and accessories

• X-ray film

• X-ray developing chemicals

• Grids, cassettes, screens, lead aprons and gloves, etc.

• Filing envelopes and hundreds of other items ancillary to the use of diagnostic equipment.

Fred Fischer and FMS pioneered the provision of third party equipment repair, and are presently qualified to install, repair and calibrate equipment of virtually all major suppliers. FMSl is a certified government surveyor, licensed to carry out radiation equipment inspections.




FMS X-Rays Professional Services maintains distribution rights to a number of medical diagnostic and treatment units, and assumes technical responsibility in connection with each installation. Among the distributorships, some of which are exclusive, are the following:

• Gateway/Naomi – DR Manufacturer and Distributor of DR Digital add-on systems.

• Canadian Diagnostic Imaging Manufacturer of medical, veterinary and chiropractic X-ray systems and adjusting tables. Supplier of Digital Systems and CPI high frequency generators.

• Emperor Medical Manufacturers of Ultrasound Equipment.

• DiaMed Supplier of image intensifiers and CCTV systems.

 • North American Imaging Supplier of replacement X-ray and image tubes.

• JPI Healthcare Solutions Inc. Supplier of a variety of X-ray supplies and accessories.

• FI Sales Produces film processors for the medical and dental market.

• Huestis Medical Re-manufacturer all types of GE medical equipment to “like-new” condition.

In addition to the lines mentioned above, FMS X-Ray represents number of other producers of medical and diagnostic equipment and accessories on a non-exclusive basis. The organization is technically competent and qualified to sell and service this diversity of products, and has the experience in dealing with virtually all categories of hospitals, clinics and professionals in the health care field.


FMS X-Ray has, in recent years, commenced marketing contracts resulting in the procurement and sale of reconditioned equipment.

FMS X-Ray’s technical expertise is such that it is able to source, decommission, dismantle, refurbish and re-install in another location, reconditioned equipment under FMS X-Ray’s service contract warranty, if appropriate, to meet the requirements of its clients.NATIONAL BUSINESS:

A number of overseas markets have been identified and are currently under development. Med-X/FMS is now in operation in the Philippines and plans are under way to expand to other areas.


FMS X-Ray has formed strategic alliances with similar companies in Alberta and Manitoba such as FMS Imaging and Chirotech, to jointly provide sales and service coverage to all of Western Canada. This adds considerable strength to Excel‘s ability to expand in domestic as well as international areas.

















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